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Youth. We love it, embrace it, and try to hold on to it as long as is possible. And, when we feel it fleeing, we spend a lot of time chasing remedies to recapture the look and feeling. No where is this more evident than the time, energy and money spent on products to keep our faces from registering our age. Now, a product has emerged that is so EXCITING and so EFFICIENT, it will completely REVOLUTIONIZE the future of face care.

Every woman who loves her skin has a desire to keep the soft and supple look of her youth. The facial care industry is replete with lotions, cremes, exfoliants, toners, moisturizers and tightening agents, as well as injections, lasers and surgeries, all to help us retain a look that belies our age. We do all this, but despite our best efforts, wrinkles appear, our faces lose their firmness, skin sags and hollows hide our once beautiful eyes. It would seem there is no stopping the hands of time, as our best anti-aging remedies fail. But now, there is a solution on the horizon and it seems so simple and basic, that it may simply have been overlooked.

How often do you hear about exercise? It's benefits are well known, well documented, and at this point highly refined. No one questions the importance of making exercise a part of your daily health program. Jogging, walking, special classes at the gym, practicing yoga, pilates and engaging in the use of countless pieces of specially designed machinery to tone and shape every part of our body is commonplace. Every part of our body EXCEPT the face. To exercise the facial muscles on a deep level is a new concept, but one that has great merit, and now is proven to work. Here's why....

“The anti-aging debate revolves around a number of established factors; Facial Toner™ a Natural Face Lift, changes the terms of the debate. To complete their beauty regimen, women need to tone not only the skin but the muscles too – to add volume, combat sagging, and deliver a natural facelift from the inside out.”
Dr. Patricia Smith, CEO Bio-Medical Research Ltd.

Facial Toner™ a Natural Face Lift is the most exciting device to enter the beauty market in many years and the concept is very simple. Our facial muscles are subject to deterioration and sagging just as our body muscles are – and they must be exercised and toned in the same fashion. Actually, they need even more attention. These 21 muscles under our facial skin are delicate and small, and unlike our body muscles which are attached to bones, these mimetic muscles are attached to skin and give us the ability to have facial expression. Facial Toner™ a Natural Face Lift allows the muscles to really be worked and stimulated and using Facial Toner™ a Natural Face Lift  just 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week for 12 weeks will give you great results!

  • Lift and plump the skin, causing lines and wrinkles to smooth out
  • Restore radiance and clarity
  • Improve blood flow and detoxify the skin
  • Enhance the complexion and general health of the skin
  • Increase muscle volume
  • Tighten the jaw line and reduce double chin

WHY IS Facial Toner™ a Natural Face Lift So Effective?
Facial Toner™ a Natural Face Lift harnesses the power of EMS or Electronic Muscle Stimulation, to accomplish what no other non-invasive treatment can do for your face. 
EMS is a medical grade technology that has been available for 40 years, and is used clinically to restore damaged and atrophied muscles and nerves in a rehabilitative fashion. Electric impulses travel subcutaneously to the nerve endings just under the skin, causing them to contract and “work” the surrounding muscles, making them more firm and resilient.  The Facial Toner™ a Natural Face Lift device operates in exactly the same way, sending gentle impulses to the underlying facial muscles and exercising them to restore the shape and contour of the face, reduce and tighten sagging skin, and ultimately lift the face from
the inside out.

This amazing little machine, simple in design, yet powerful in effect, resembles a set of earphones, with the large pads placed around the back of the neck, and resting high on the cheekbones. Inside the pads are conductors which deliver the electronic stimulation that gently massage the facial muscles and the nerves that make them work. This movement causes the muscles to contract and relax, and the result over a twelve week period, is refreshed, toned and much younger looking skin. As a side bonus, those 20 minutes you use on your Facial Toner™ a Natural Face Lift session may be spent relaxing in a chair, or laying down – creating your own spa-like atmosphere.

Facial Toner™ a Natural Face Lift - Created By a World Famous Corporation
Facial Toner™ a Natural Face Lift is the brainchild of Bio-Medical Research, Ltd. (BMR), recognized around the world for their development of medical grade EMS technology, and even more importantly, for the clinical trials, controlled product trials and the available clinical evidence that are standard with any of their products. Every piece of equipment presented to the public must first pass the rigorous performance standards set by BMR research and development. For over 40 years, EMS technology has been critically involved in rehabilitative work involving the muscles and nerves of the body. Now, with Facial Toner™ a Natural Face Lift this technology is available to restore the look of your skin, in the privacy of your own home, for just 20 minutes a day.

Facial Toner™ a Natural Face Lift - BACKED BY a CLINICAL TRIAL

Facial Toner™ a Natural Face Lift - COMPARE TO OTHER TREATMENTS
There are many types of facial skin treatments in the marketplace, ranging from the very safe to downright dangerous. Most lotions, cremes, ointments, and serums are safe, and relatively inexpensive initially, but may not be highly effective. Additionally, though the initial cost may be low, these products are consumable and have to be repurchased repeatedly, adding up to many dollars spent over time.

Botox shots and injectable fillers are very costly, up to $800.00 for a session, can be painful, have side-effects and must be repeated frequently to maintain their effect. And, they must be done in a doctor's office – travel and waiting time can be troublesome for those leading busy lives.

Besides being extremely expensive, anywhere from $5,000. – $25,000. depending on the work being done and your location, cosmetic surgery is highly invasive and many experience terrible side-effects and pain. And, who hasn't seen pictures of those for whom surgery has gone terribly wrong?

Facial Toner™ a Natural Face Lift beats all other treatments, hands down. It is completely safe and non-invasive, and is FDA Cleared for use. Facial Toner™ a Natural Face Lift is simple to use, painless, and can be used in the comfort and privacy of your own home, no doctors appointments, and no time wasted in crowded waiting rooms. Results begin to show after two weeks of use, and after completing the 12 week initial program, results are amazing! Maintenance requires only two sessions per week, of 20 minute use.

Above all, Facial Toner™ a Natural Face Lift is highly cost effective. You buy the product once, and the only ongoing costs are the inexpensive medical grade gel pads needed to conduct the electronic muscle stimulation.

Facial Toner™ a Natural Face Lift - AN INTERNATIONAL SENSATION!

Facial Toner™ a Natural Face Lift was first introduced in London, at perhaps the most prestigious and famous department store in the world, Harrod's. The publicity surrounding the launch was incredible, with every newspaper and magazine running articles about this new entry into the face care market. Women were so excited, that the store quickly sold out of the product and there was a waiting list of over 2,000 customers who could not wait to get their hands on Facial Toner™ a Natural Face Lift.

Word has spread, and with the recent product launches in Canada and the US, Facial Toner™ a Natural Face Lift is on track to revolutionize how we think about facial skin care. If you want younger, youthful looking skin, Facial Toner™ a Natural Face Lift is the best investment you can make, and will:

  • Lift and plump the skin, reshaping the contour of the face
  • Restore a glowing, dewey look to the skin
  • Improve blood flow, and clarify the complexion
  • Increase the volume of underlying muscle
  • Tighten the jaw line, and reduce double chin

Facial Toner™ a Natural Face Lift is offered to you with a 60 day money back guarantee and an incredible 2 year replacement warranty at 

Attention Men! We haven't forgotten that you also want smooth, tight skin and a youthful appearance. Just for you, Facial Toner™ a Natural Face Lift is available in mens sizing. The same amazing results, in the same amount of time, but scaled for the size of a mans neck and face – and at the same one time cost.

Facial Toner™ a Natural Face Lift is the Investment to make for the most satisfying return – your youthful appearance. Facial Toner™ a Natural Face Lift... the future of facial skin care, available Now!